Sunday, October 24, 2010

Punkin' Carving

Last weekend Rachel and I carved pumpkins and had a autumn extravaganza in our apartment! We had a really fun time picking out pumpkins, de-gooping them, roasting the seeds, baking cookies, sipping cider, listening to music, followed by watching the crappiest of crappy films: The Brady Bunch Movie.  I really lucked out on the roommate front-- it's so nice having her around and we get along perfectly. We are planning on being Liz Lemon and Jenna Maroney for Halloween, so please prepare yourselves.

Rachel baking Halloweeny cookies! 
Honey Crisp Apple Cider and delicious cookies

Baked goods

Me with our spider Rupert

Rachel and Rupert

Goodies my mom sent

Halloween decor!


Post carving: Rachel's Jack the Pumpkin King and my owl on a tree


  1. What a nice fall extravaganza! Liz and Jenna are perfect costumes for you guys!!! Bet you're glad you get to look frumpy instead of wearing a low-cut cocktail dress :)

    I like the expression of the smiling "punkin." He has a lot of character.