Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Through the years...

It's hard to believe that Chris and I have been together for almost seven years. We met in the most romantic of romantic settings: high school marching band! Here's a short photo retrospective of our relationship.

It all began at NFHS. This is Chris and I in Disney World on a band trip. I think Chris still wears that shirt!

The next picture is at my junior prom. My sister asked Chris for me via AIM. Thanks, Lauren!

This is our first Christmas together. I gave Chris a pocket watch and Atlanta Falcons gear and he gave me a ring with a blue stone. 

Chris and I both went to Columbus State University for music. This is us in Savannah, GA at the GMEA convention.

After Columbus, I moved to Iowa to study trombone at the University of Iowa. This is us after my first semester of cold weather.

Now we are both graduate students. Before Chris began his first year of his masters at the University of Illinois, he proposed (and I said yes)! Now we are just enjoying being engaged and visiting each other every few weeks (at least until the snow comes!). I feel lucky to have held on to a guy like Chris "Chris" Butler for so long...he's pretty great :)

And since I said I would post ring pictures a while back...

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