Friday, March 18, 2011

Colonial Lanes

I went bowling with Rachel, Ryan, and Matt a few weeks ago. We used 30 Rock names-- I was Lemon, Rachel was Maroney, Ryan was Dot Com, and Matt was Grizz.  I may in fact be the world's worst bowler. My all-time low score was in 4th grade with a 26. I bowled a 25 on our third game that night. How sad. It was fun, though!

Pizza at the Wedge before bowling

My strategy was to run and hurl the bowling ball. It didn't quite work out for me.

New Cookings

As you may know, I like taking pictures of the food that I cook.  Chris got me a rice cooker for Christmas, so I've been making a lot of tasty rice dishes.

Lauren gave me a cookbook from The Grit. Here's my rendition of the Golden Bowl-- super delicious tofu coated in nutritional yeast, steamed rice, peas, cheese, and butter. Yes.

Mom sent me a V-day package with the ingredients to make cupcakes. My friends enjoyed this gift as well.

I enjoy making breakfast of Saturdays. Here's some French toast with blueberries and French pressed coffee. How very French of me :)

Rice, vegetables, and eggplant "meatballs."  I made this entire dish in the rice cooker!