Friday, September 25, 2009


I didn't realize how lonely I was until my dad came to visit this week.  He had a business trip in Des Moines and stopped by Iowa City.  It was nice to have someone to walk with down the street and talk to.  I showed him around the city and we ate at my landlord's Indian restaurant. That was the first time either of us have had Indian food.  I'm thinking about asking Jeet if I can work at her store.  It would be nice to make a little money.

On a different note, how can anyone allow their dog to take a giant shit in the middle of the sidewalk and not clean it up?! I totally slipped in this steaming pile.  If Dad weren't with me at the time, I probably would have cried all the way home.  It was just so disgusting, and there was so much of it.  We laughed about it though.

Dad filled me in on all of the C.J. news.  I don't really feel like rehashing it.  It mainly just makes me really sad.  So much has happened, and part of me feels like I will never be able to shake away the sadness that always seems to linger.

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