Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I had a wonderful time over Thanksgiving break! It was great to visit with my family and friends, and we ate so much good food!!! (too much? nahhh!)

Apple Cranberry dish (Lauren's favorite) with the fancy punch I made

Pop enjoying his punch and watching football before lunch

So. Many. Dishes.

Mom always decorates the table so nicely!

20 lb turkey-- half was baked and half was grilled, both were delicious (says the "vegetarian")

The dinner crew and food

A game of Scrabble to finish off the night-- Chris and I won! "Wipe" got us lots of points.  We also played a crazily heated game of Farkle :)

Nana and I could play in the key of "C" all night :)


  1. Oh, we counted proper nouns in Scrabble, if you were wondering...

  2. Great post! I almost feel as though I was there!

  3. Was it the picture of the dirty dishes that made you feel like you were there? Sheesh, my hands are still messed up from all of that hot and soapy water! Please post pictures (and words, i do read them) about your Thanksgiving in Ohio!!!!