Monday, April 5, 2010

Practice makes perfect

This is where I practice when I don't practice at my apartment.

Each practice room has this device which allows you to record yourself and add different accoustics to the otherwise dead room.

William Tell excerpt...gah.

Backstage before the UISO concert. The carpet makes my brain hurt.

Looking down the hall before my trombone lesson. My locker is the third handle from the front.  Dr. Gier's office is the first door on the right.


  1. New posts, woooohoooo!!! Your practice room looks high-tech, but a little on the sterile side...Perhaps you should decorate the acoustic tiles? Also, I was so confused by the t-bone picture. I thought the carpet was wallpaper (read, I thought your trombone was floating).

  2. Awesome, a floating trombone! Yeah, it kind of looks like the wallpaper in the powder room.