Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Failure is delicious

This is a recipe perfected by Chris that I tried tonight because I had nothing better to eat:

Butter in frying pan
Tortilla in pan
Black beans on tortilla
Cheese on beans
Top it off with another tortilla
Flip with spatula
Most of the insides fall out
Wait a few minutes until the mess is gooey
Hot sauce
There you have it, Failure!

I may make this again tomorrow- it was just that good.


  1. "Most of the insides fall out"

    HAHA! Hilarious. There are an infinite number of culinary failures that are delicious in an I-don't-have-anything-else-in-the-fridge way. That actually sounds good though... might go buy black beans later...

  2. Yes, you should try it! Just be sure to wait until it's good and gooey. It's really a science.